December 6, 2012

Good-Bye FaceBook!

It's been a while!  But ya' know what... I happen to know I'm not alone.  I can tell by looking at my blog feed in the menu on the right.  LOL

I just think issues over the election... and the economy... as well as a few other things.... have had so many folks under a great deal of pressure... forcing us all to struggle with focusing on getting anything accomplished.

I thought communicating over on FaceBook would be easier.  Until they decided to pull a new stunt with their up and coming ' Data Use Policy.'

There's a bunch of jibberish in their new policy... deliberately laid out like a poor attempt at looking like some government contract bid.  I spent most part shaking my head as I was reading.

But when I stepped back and took a general look... I realized they were pulling a nasty trick like our government does with bills put on the table for voting upon.  A better portion of the language will pertain to usual mumbo jumbo.  And then... they sneak in something else... completely off topic... which is usually not a good thing in the best interest of those they serve.

And in this case... Facebook has decided to use manpower for dealing with hackers and all the nasty little people that come around to harass everybody there... at the expense of all the Innocent Users.

By agreeing to continue an account at FaceBook... YOU surrender each and every photo..image.. whatever you wanna call it... TO THEM.

It becomes theirs.  And at their choosing... at any time... they get to sell YOUR images to make money.  You could end up finding your photos on television commercials... in magazine ads... etc., and not be able to do a thing about it.

And you won't be paid one damn dime for your images, either.

Oh... one more thing.  Putting a watermark on your images... won't matter.  There's software out there for removing watermarks... and being used.

At the same time - You are ALSO surrendering YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION.  They get to sell your address... email address... telephone number... etc., to telemarketers.

If you attempt to send ANY of your personal information to someone else on FaceBook via Note or Personal Message.... doesn't matter.  They STILL get to take it and sell it.

Bottom line... hence the change from ' Privacy Policy ' ... to... ' Data Use Policy.'

Privacy on Facebook is going away.

I totally disagree with their greed.... inconsideration...  and theft.

I was raised that you do not TAKE from others what does not belong to you.

Apparently... that is the low standards and level of confidence the company seems to possess with unwillingness to charge users for a membership on FaceBook, instead.  Obviously...  even they feel their platform is not enriched with any type of quality environment for which users would be freely willing to pay for membership to participate.

Therefore... I'm shutting down my FaceBook account.  The days of ANYBODY taking something from my life to benefit their own... dead and gone in my life.

And I refuse to be involved with any such entity that behaves in such manner toward others.

Tomorrow's post... I'll try updating about all the stuff we've been buried with since the new additions arrived.  Ha!

Remember... I said I'd ... try.


A Lady's Life said...

Wow! I am so glad I never began with Facebook.
They said it was supposed to be very private and secure, just between people you know and agree to be friends with so how does this happen now?

WeldrBrat said...

They're falling in line with other big business that seems to be under the impression they can, pretty much, do whatever they want, as long as the public continues to put up with it. Obviously, the SEC isn't going to do anything about it. It's up to everyday people to reset the standards for this country. As long as they get enough people to sit on their butt and not leave 'em high and dry... they'll keep on squeezing good people. Afterall, there is always Bankrupty... Stimulus... and locking all the doors, for which they think they hold the only keys.

D Mommens said...

I'd heard something like that about facebook a year or two ago, so made sure I didn't have many photo's on there. We also don't do to much talking, mostly just keeping up with what family says since thats the only way we might hear from some of doubt we will totally get off there, but sure don't blame you for doing it yourself...I would if I thought some of our "family" would bother letting us know if something happened. LOL I hate facebook myself. Glad to see you back here on your blog! :-))