June 26, 2012

Time For Another Cool Change

There have been several occasions when Dwayne has mentioned to me - a simple fact about life here at our place.

Nothing is ever - finished - on a farm.

I have to keep that tucked in my mind like it's Tylenol for headaches - or something.  Otherwise - I’d lose my mind with all the overwhelming panic that can ensue - if I dare to go over the - list - each week.

But there is one positive.  Just making a mental glance at that list makes for the greatest strength in refraining from buying frivolous things.

The re-purposed Tobacco Barn is one example of those things that never get finished.  One of the doors was dealt with during this past round of days off - among a couple other challenges.

The Boys began taking advantage of the alley of the barn in the mornings - after eating their breakfast - before the temps even reached over 70* outside in the sunshine.

Two cows can create a mess in no time - if given even a week of time.

It was time to make some changes.  We needed to keep the guys out - as much as possible.  We needed to be able to air out the barn - taking full advantage of the southerly breezes that tend to flow here.  And with the Barn Swallows having their brood going on strong - we needed to leave access for the parents to go back and forth to find food for the babies.

With the incisive hot temperatures lingering around our region at this time - the barn offers a great advantage for working on projects during the day.  The roof is high enough to keep a cool atmosphere - malleable enough for encouraging work on projects.

It was time to begin installing split doors on each end.

Hubs found himself quite comfortable while working in the barn - putting this door together.  Re-purposing more of the reclaimed wood from tearing out the dilapidated portions of the barn was a bonus!

We’re able to keep the Boys out during the day.  The barn continues being aired out.  The Barn Swallows have access for going after food to feed their babies.

And I don’t have to use up all the A&D Ointment to help me deal with all the scrapes - from this little rig we were using.

He thinks of everything - even a latch outside for the top half of the door.

And when he steps back inside the barn after calling the last task complete…

He finds the silhouette of a tall glass of iced tea sitting on the saw horses.

Changing out this door is next!

Oh - and finishing the seat covers on 2 more Dining Room chairs!



Deb said...

Love that door!! It's been hot here too, do hope it's not so hot this summer, that we can't get things done outside, cause if we ever get all our junk over here, a barn has to get built...not to mention fence, so our cows can join us here on our farm, instead of being on Mom and Dad's...besides Dad's worried about having enough grass for his goats, let alone our cows. LOL

WeldrBrat said...

WOW. Y'all have to build a barn, as well? Hopefully - you'll be luckier than we are - and have some help!

Queenacres said...

I LOVE the doors, and love them even more knowing you were able to reuse the old wood.

Every day we have a list. I figure as long as there's a list, we have work to do. One day at a time, and keep adding to it. It's what makes us wake up on the right side of the dirt!