February 13, 2012

1 Word 4 The Media

I swear.

Times have become soooo TOTALLY STUPID in this country - enough that I can’t handle more than a half-hour of television news stations - PER WEEK.

I just have issues.

I can no longer handle watching the level of stupidity that is ramping up in this country.

Really.  Do we really need 4 DAYS of half-hour re-run news reports about a dead person - on 15 CHANNELS?

And the Press Conferences - with the LA Police Chief.

How many of THOSE do we really need?  Why are so many so-called reporters being paid to flock to every single one of these little events?

When it comes to Hollywood - Dude!  It’s always the same protocol.  It’s always the same routine.  It’s always the same questions.  It’s ALWAYS THE SAME ANSWERS!

It's always the same - JUST A DIFFERENT NAME!

You know what’s gonna be said.  You know what’s gonna be asked.  You know how everything is going to be answered.

“ This is an on-going investigation.  We won’t have any answers until the Coroner’s toxicity reports come back - which will be in approximately 6 to 8 weeks. “

Same scenario - different person.

And there’s always gotta be some reporter that asks that same very first question - at each and every single press conference with the officials.

“ Do you know what the cause of death was? “

ALWAYS.  Always immediately following that given statement that there will be no answers until the report comes back in 6 to 8 weeks.

What is it?  Has it just become news reporter etiquette to let each other take a turn being a moron?

And then - it’s not just 1 channel.  It’s EVERY channel.  It’s EVERY morning show.  It’s EVERY local news station - morning - noon and night.

It’s EVERY Newspaper.  It’s EVERY Website.  It’s EVERY radio station.


I get one single message out of this crap.

None of them have discovered one simple fact.

Technology took us out of any need for such torture - a LONG time ago.

When the media is all up front with blasting the noise about all the wasted money in Washington, D.C.....

I say that’s just a tad bit of the Pot calling the Kettle black!

But the worst part about the stupidity that goes on during these specific scenarios is…

None of y’all are even decent enough to step back and allow family members left behind the respect of burying their dead - and grieving in privacy - as peacefully as possible.

I got one word for all you media jerks.


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Deb said...

Yep, have always wondered why they can't give the families some space...and why they ALL have to be there.