December 20, 2011

Royal Yuck and Royal Attitudes

This is a ‘ First ‘ for Dwayne and I - period. And his efforts with the trees turned out the best!

We made Sugar Cookies and Gingerbread Cookies! The shapes came out wonderful!

I no longer like royal icing - or cheap icing decorator kits.

The first batch came out - well - easy to tell which ones they are!

And this is the reason why.

That’s 50 pounds of pure attitude pretending to be the cat.

It was like - slow motion.

It was like watching a goat standing with all fours - on a fence post.

Neither of us truly believed she was actually gonna pull it off!

Cat - or - proud peacock?

Actually - she was just wishing we’d hurry up and finish - so she could taste-test our works of art.

She wouldn’t have become so huffy if she’d climbed down from her throne to come help us clean up the mess!

I can tear up a kitchen. I can smear mud from head to toe out in my garden, as well.

My logic - “ There’s a reason why they invented shower stalls.

Do you think Carlie believes in that logic?

Don’t kid yourself.

She’s just another “ High Maintenance Miss Priss. “

As for the male end of our fur plot -

We took Zucker in to get his stitches out yesterday.

He looks - and smells - hideous.

He gets a bath today. And that winter coat is screwed.

It’s gonna be one funny repair job on his coat.

He’s demanding no photos until he looks much better.

Ha! Don’t tell him - but - that could be next Summer.


Shanster said...

YUM! Wish I coulda had a taste test... grin. Best to Zucker and his bath and coat coming in... poor fella.

Merry Christmas!

Deb said...

I never have got around to figuring I'd want to decorate cookies like that...guess I'm lazy. LOL They look yummy though!! :)

Queenacres said...

Those cookies look good to me! Glad to hear that Zucker is doing well, good luck on that whole bath thing!