October 6, 2011

Thank You, Steve Jobs

It's fun to play with morning dew
early during a gorgeous Fall day.

It's fun to be an absolute amateur - with a digital camera in my hand.

It's fun to have the ' instant gratification ' within a few minutes of time.

It's fun to know I can erase - and start over.

It's fun to be able to challenge myself
with something I really know nothing about.

But on this morning - it's an honor
to offer this as a gift to Steve Jobs.

I'm so grateful to you - for having the guts to become the Pioneer that led the parade and cast of characters joining the ranks of those responsible for allowing me to have all this fun - and accomplish so much more - even in my simple daily life - with such a great deal of less hassle.

I can hear God saying - " Job Well Done, My Son. "

May you rest in peace, Steve Jobs.
And may God carry your family with comfort through all their grief until they can - once again -  smile and laugh out loud - by even the mere thought of your presence in their lives.

Thank You, Steve.

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