July 12, 2011

Hey, Mother Nature - SHUT OFF THAT OVEN.

I - have - no - idea.

What can I say?  You give the girl a pedicure and - she assumes she’s entitled to every leisure - at her leisure!

I got lucky.  I woke up this morning with prayers answered.  No bruises all over my legs.

However - we can’t have everything.

Difficult would be - getting out of bed at 3:50am and finding the Weather.com icon in yellow - with a big - fat - 83* stuck on it.

The icon usually drops a big chunk shortly after I wake my ‘puter up from its “ sleep “ mode.  I kept waiting.  And waiting.

And then - I went to my Google Homepage.


Julya’s telling us the heat index is actually sitting in the 90’s - at this moment.

And it will be much worse later.

Our high temp is expected to be 97* - with a heat index as high as 110*.

I always add about 1 Tablespoon Apple Cider Vinegar to the 1-gal. pitcher I fill with water for my Chickens.

I add electrolytes anytime temps hit 90* and above.  I change their water more often when the humidity hits higher than normal - as well.

But these days - they’re also getting an afternoon treat of shredded Cucumbers that have been chilled in the Fridge.  It seems to perk them up and help them with a good vitamin boost.

And today - I think I’ll rig up the mister over the top of the little yard.  They’re gonna need more than their little swimming pool they use to cool off their feet.

Beyond that - I doubt I’ll be turning on the stove today.

We’ll be having another day of light and cold meals.

This heat would dry a pair of jeans so fast - you’d be able to hold ‘em up in the air - upside down.

That would make for more than one reason why you wouldn’t wanna wear ‘em!


Deb said...

It has been rather warm...although it's not as bad here as there this week anyway. Hope you can stay cool! :)

Shanster said...

Yeowch - that is HOT, HOT, HOT.... such a cute girl all spread out, legs danglin' down. Of course she is entitled to leisure... grin

ChileFarmer said...

We have had over 100° for days. No rain in site.
But have been canning tomatoes.Getting them while I can. Figs are doing well, I think they like the heat but love water. Fig preserves, mighty good. Y'all stay cool. CF

WeldrBrat said...

Come get her! She can help teach Toe how to Tug. LOL

Deb, we are hidin' in the house! Well, we are, anyway. The Girls had the fan on all night, but I think they decided to roost outside in the little yard. Luckily, we keep tiny padlocks on the doors to keep the racoons and other bad boys out. We got a bit of rain early this morning, and it knocked things down to a breezy 76*. WooooHoooo! I got tans in that stuff, back in California. LOL

d.a. said...

Huh, gonna try cucumbers for the chicken ladies, sounds like a great idea! I've been giving them leftover watermelon rinds these past few weeks - ducks, geese & chickens alike all love 'em.