March 13, 2011

The Ying and Yang Embedded in All Things

I love the windows in our house.

They give us plenty of opportunity and reason to drop what we’re doing and run outside with a camera.

This was an absolutely gorgeous sight yesterday evening - one very much needed.  I stood watching for a few minutes - even after getting my shot.

I could not help connecting dots - reflecting on how many painful thoughts that this beautiful sunset could offer healing.

If only for a moment.

The constant worry over whether or not my husband will be allowed to keep his job - and - at the least - the salary that took a hit just after we bought this home - of course.

The abnormal winter season we’ve had.

And yet - all of this feels taken down peg after peg by the absolute horror going on in Japan.

That same horror - very much on my mind and weighing ever so heavy on my heart - along with my other worries.

We have former neighbors now residing back in their home - in Japan - and have no way of knowing if they are safe.


Kay with our Jennifer - Halloween night - 2004

Kay made these costumes for herself and her kids!
Halloween night - 2004

I’ve lived a journey in my life where I have witnessed the great power of prayer.

When all you can do is pray - by all means - Pray.


Deb said...

That is a beautiful view from your house. Prayer works miracles. :)

Shanster said...


Lovely pix and I sure hope things work out with your husband's job... I know Japan is incredibly devastating and horrible, and it's o.k. to worry about your life too... hang in there. My thoughts are with you.