January 9, 2011

The Rat Experiment

There’s nothing like the return of a heavier-than-normal winter.  Cabin fever only grows healthy as you remain home-bound with nothing much more than your thoughts to sort - for entertainment.

After all - right now is just not the kind of weather for going out to play Pee-Wee Golf here - in East Tennessee.

I spent the better part of yesterday with my stereo turned on - listening to the likes of Pink - Bruno Mars - Rob Thomas - Katy Perry and many others - on WYGO-fm.  Naturally - the music was cranked up - while I vacuumed around the house.  Moments would come when I could not resist.  I’d have to shut down the vacuum - and dance.  Every once-in-a-while I would go to the computer to check out Twitter.

At one point - I caught the first tweet with news about the incredibly tragic and so-totally-ridiculously-cruel shootings that took place in Tucson, Arizona.  Immediately - I shut down the stereo and turned on MSNBC.

I began going back and forth between the television and - Twitter.  From that point - my mind began absorbing all the chaos and mayhem that whirled like fall leaves caught up in a dust devil.  By the end of the day - I had witnessed so much communication running on adrenalin - totally gone awry.

And to be honest - by the time I’d heard the news of a 9-year-old little girl losing her life during this tragedy - my own line of objectivity and patience had been crossed - as I‘m sure any mother can relate.  And I could recognize my inability to measure my anger at that point.  It was time for me to disconnect from Twitter and find a movie on television.

For quite a while now - I have grown very displeased by the separation and disconnect on the social levels in  this country - consequences from the dirty manhandling responsible for the way this country has - *cough* progressed.  I don’t think anyone below the CEO and governmental classes in this nation has been happy about it - period.

Unfortunately - totally confused and unknowing that they have to get up in the morning - take a pee and put their clothes on the same way we all do - those in that class above - fail.  They fail to realize that their behavior breeds tragedies such as all those human beings that suffered yesterday - in Tucson, Arizona.

All human beings have minds that operate on their own unique merits.  And there are those that have shorter limits than others.  Granted - there is the difference between right and wrong.  And I don’t care what anyone says - the claim of insanity just doesn’t hold water with me when it comes to murdering someone.  At that moment - a person KNOWS they’re doing WRONG.

We all must pay consequences for doing wrong.  And a nutcase should be held accountable no differently.  If we were to impose consequences on those shooting for the “ Insanity Plea ” - I’d bet money that we’d find very few such cases showing up in court.  I’d bet money the court dockets would begin to feel relief - period.

Are there any Judges out there willing to give me an “ Amen ! “ on that one out there?

But that’s okay - I get it.  If the upper class made righteous choices and decisions - there would be no population control.  There would be no jobs.

There would be a shrinking of the numbers of universities in this country - currently flooding over like river banks during the wettest spring ever recorded in history.

This country would look like that science project with rats - where you start out with two rats - a male and female - and keep rationing the same amount of food.  They’d just keep breeding and breeding.  In no time at all - sharing the same amount of food runs short.  Soon after - attitudes begin to sour.

End result - the rats become carnivorous - simply because - God gives every living - breathing beast a natural instinct of the need to survive.

Back to the human scenario we all face today - money has become the spoke in the wheel.  And those with the money get to gain the power - and make the frontline choices and decisions.  It comes down to each of us having to make choices and act on decisions regarding how we prefer to exist and survive - in response to those choices and decisions made by those with the money.

This kid that shot all those innocent human beings in that shopping center in Tucson made and acted upon some of his own decisions.  And he KNEW he was making wrong choices.  He should have to pay the consequences.

BUT - there are those in high places that need to take an honest personal inventory of their own choices  and decisions that could have pushed the mind of this kid over the brink of its limits.  They need to acknowledge and accept responsibility for their part.

Those of you in high places have no choice but to accept responsibility in this tragedy.

When you choose to become the spoke of that wheel - you also choose to accept responsibility for the choices and decisions that begin a domino effect in the success or failure in the turning of that wheel.

You are not in charge of machinery.  You’re messing with human beings.

This country operates by human beings - living - breathing beasts with natural instincts for the need to survive - instilled by God - Himself.

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Deb said...

Wow, I'm behind, things have just been crazy around here the past week or so. Sorry about the trouble on your old blog, I have to go catch up there too. LOL I have to wonder if a setting got switched on it, or something...I've never had that trouble, (so far anyway) so don't know for sure. Did you try the blogger help group?

Anyway, I have to agree with you, the shooter should be held accountable, even if he does get deemed insane...it makes no difference to what happen, he still did it. It just lets people get away with murder, them being able to hide behind that.